Apps are the smartphone programs you use daily to compose e-mail, update your calendar, edit documents and collaborate with colleagues. Using special Web-conferencing software that is integrated with existing e-mail, SMS (short-message systems) and calendar programs, the organizer sends an invitation by e-mail or SMS. Web-conferencing software...

The process of establishing a business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is extremely simple, with no tax and full control of the company. With the UAE's 45 free zones, starting a business may be a very real possibility. The three largest UAE free zones now trade with over 30,000 entities. For more information visit our website...

In Saudi Arabia, what are the finest small-business ideas? Want to know what the finest business ideas are for starting a business in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia (KSA) is the world's largest oil producer, accumulating almost a quarter of global petroleum reserves. For more information visit our website GCC Solutions is...

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My name is Anthony Garfield and I'm a gamer and freelance writer.

My first memories of painting come from the age of 6. After finishing Art School I started working on a series of paintings that is now exhibited in the City Gallery.

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